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XviD Codec is a codec for Windows that will let you get the most from your videos and media.

As an open-source MPEG-4 video codec for PC, Xvid helps you to compress and decompress MPEG-4 streams in order to reduce the required bandwidth of video data for transmission over computer networks or efficient storage on CDs or DVDs.
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Xvid Codec 1.3.2

License: Free
Requirements: No special requirements
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The Best Video Codec!

The most outstanding feature of Xvid is the Excellent picture quality it provides even at high compression ratios. A major emphasis of the project is put on research to achieve highest possible picture quality and novel algorithms have been developed that enable outstanding detail-richness and image fidelity. The Xvid codec is especially optimized towards offline, multi-pass compression for storage and archival purposes and has been found to deliver superior quality over any other MPEG-4 part 2 based codec by independent third parties.

Xvid is primarily developed for PC (Windows). Xvid provides Highest Performance video de-encoding and encoding on modern PCs. The Xvid ASP de-encoder and encoder provide highest performance on PC and enable HD resolution video processing on today's hardware. Due to its Unrivalled Quality Xvid has gained great popularity and is used in many other GPLed applications, like e.g. Transcode, MEncoder, MPlayer, Xine and many more.

All code is released under the terms of the GNU GPL license.


  • Award winning picture quality
  • Amazing speed
  • Open-source software released under GPL license
  • Share Xvid video between all Your devices
  • Primary platform PC (Windows)
  • High-performance due to extensive assembly optimizations
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Xvid Review
  • Xvid Codec 1.3.2 - All Hail the new King
    July 25, 2013
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    XviD Media Codec is a product of the XviD project, which is sustained through a collaborative development effort. Its focus is related to compressing videos in order to reduce the required bandwidth in transmissions over networks. XviD Media Codec is a project that has over Ten years of existence, sustained by extensive efforts from the community.

    There's no doubt that XviD is an excellent media codec, allowing excellent compression ratios without sacrificing quality. If you're a connoisseur, or you're having problems viewing XviD media, you may want to try Downloading the XviD Codec.
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Xvid Video Codec Features
  • Xvid codec includes a host of features
    • Optimized for Fighest picture quality.
    • MPEG-4 Video Codec library.
    • High-performance for Windows.
    • Xvid works with all the major video players (Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.)
    • Improved precision for RGB <-> YUV conversions.
    • And best of all, you can Download Xvid absolutly Free of cost!
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Xvid Codec Updates
  • Xvid 1.3.2 is out!
    about 5 months ago
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    This is an Xvid 1.3.2 bugfix release. It fixes and replaces the previous 1.3.1 stable release.

    This New Stable update makes the changes to the following library :

    • xvidcore library
    • VFW frontend
    • DShow/MFT frontend

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